Saturday, February 21, 2009

Being a pencil for an evening

So tonight I went to a costume party with my host family. My host mom was a chicken, my host brother was a bishop from a chess game, my host sister was a roll of toilet paper, and I was a pencil. I wore all green, and fashioned a pencil-point hat to wear on my head.

So, once we got to the party, I immediately realized that it was going to be very dull for me. There was no one between the ages of 13 and 30 (no references to any movies starring Jennifer Garner), so at first I just walked around slowly, snacking and sipping slowly... but it was just soo boring. Used Lydia's toilet paper once to blow my nose. Anyway, there way an adorable lil girl there (about 10) who stared at me wide eyed, and asked if she could draw with me. I didn't know if she meant, like, because I'm a pencil, and she wanted to use me to draw, or if she wanted me to draw pictures with her. But then she took my head and drew pictures in the air with it, and that was the beginning of our little friendship.

For the rest of the evening, I think we did everything together. We went around the whole house, and she quizzed me to make sure I knew how to say everything in sight in german. I knew everything except a few words... door knob, wig, and sink, to be specific. But she said "But we learned "water basin" at school!"... aw, poor german kids learning british english.

Anyway, we played a few games together. She told me that if we were speaking english, she wouldn't understand me at all. So I said "Oh really, is that right, that you wouldn't understand anything at at all, if I were to speak english?" (in english, just like that) and she got those wide eyes again and looked like she was afraid of me.. aww

Well, then she wanted to exchange addresses so we could be penpals, which I did. She asked me if I would give her something to "remember me by", and since I didn't have anything with me except the clothes on my back, I gave her my pencil hat, which she was totally thrilled by.

Anyway, my english is getting weird because I think in german at least half the time, and I'm tired... so... ja... gute nacht.



janis said...

OHHHHHH! Ms Michelle My Belle!
It is wonderful hearing from you! How interesting to have a costume party in February. And how sweet it was for you to befriend the little girl.
I have been thinking about you.

Please email me @ so I can email you back.
I love you my dear niece!
Auntie Jan

elb said...